self-portrait, 2007

oil on canvas

16  x  20 in

Artist Statement

I employ bold line-work, enhanced exaggerated color and pattern in my paintings in an attempt to reach something beyond outward appearances—the supra-real presence of things. History & memory are important ideas that I negotiate with in my work. Objects, faces and sacred story are all subjects that I seek to translate in this way.

My most recent works pair objects with pattern. The objects in these compositions are memory keys. By re-engaging with the relics & artifacts of the past, I am recognizing and elevating these items to icons of history and memory. The patterns of fabric swatches—many of which were woven right here in the cotton mills of Rock Hill, SC—possess a dual meaning. Being made up of various separate threads, yet coming together to create a solid beautiful object—the fabrics act as a metaphor of our shared human experience in community and the comfort of being known.

My Recent Work